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간청소 이런분이 드시면 좋아요
쉽게 피곤하신분
눈이 침침하신분
술,담배 많이하는 분
지방간....간이 약하신 분
근육이 갑자기 많이 빠지는 분
손바닥이 빨갛게 변 하시는분
비만,당뇨,고 콜레스테롤이 있는 분
자다가 자주 잠에서 깨지는 분
손가락,발가락 감각이 이상하신 분

1일 2회 식후 1스굽

지나친음주,흡연 ,지방이 많은 음식(과식,폭식)주의
많은 스트레스 주의



It's good if you eat something like this
easily tired
Those with dim eyes
People who drink and smoke a lot
Fatty liver... Those with weak liver
Those who suddenly lose a lot of muscle
Those whose palms turn red
People with obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol
Those who often wake up from sleep
Those who have abnormal feeling in their fingers and toes

How to take
2 times a day 1 scoop after meals

Beware of excessive drinking, smoking, and fatty foods (overeating, binge eating)
lots of stress

Precautions before use
1. Irregular constitution.... People with allergies, rashes, and itching
2. Pregnant women, those who are suspected of being pregnant
3. A person whose heart is pounding badly

Storage Precautions
1. No sunlight
2. Store in a cool place without moisture.
3. Do not take products that have expired


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Liver Cleanser (간청소)

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