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이런분에게 좋아요
아토피가 있는 분
피부가 예민하신분
피부가 너무너무 건조하신 분
발뒤꿈치가 갈라지신분
피부질환으로 피부가 갈라 지시는 분
욕창이 생기신 분
얼굴에 버짐,검버섯이 생기는 분

피부는 우리 몸을 보호해주는 가장 큰조직입니다
항상 청결하고 튼튼하게 유지해주세요
피부가 약해지는 원인은 
1혈액의 지나친 뜨거움
2.혈액에 디톡스가 잘 되지 않은 경우
3.혈액이 약해지고 모자라서  피부를 전체적으로 영양공급이 안될때
피부이상이 생깁니다
피부에 이상이 있는 분들은  이유를 파악한 다음에 거기에 맞는 방법을 찾아주세요'
피부에 이상이 오면 생각보다 오래동안 힘들어요
또 지속적으로 치료,관리를 해야합니다
항상 생활환경,드시는 음식을 꼭 확인 하셔야합니다

지나치게 열량이 높은 음식은 피해주세요
피부이상의 원인을 찾아주세요
과도한 약물 사용 금지


Yellow ointment
good for this
People with atopy
Those with sensitive skin
Those with very dry skin
You have cracked heels
Those who have cracked skin due to skin disease
Those who have pressure sores
Those who have ringworm and age spots on their face

The skin is the largest tissue that protects our body.
Always keep it clean and strong
Causes of weak skin
1 Excessive heat in the blood
2. When blood is not detoxified well
3. When the blood is weak and insufficient to supply nutrients to the skin as a whole
Skin abnormalities occur
If you have skin problems, find out the reason and then find a method that suits you.”
If something goes wrong with your skin, it will be harder than you think for a long time.
In addition, continuous treatment and management are required.
You should always check the living environment and the food you eat.

Avoid foods that are too high in calories
Find the cause of skin abnormalities
No coffee and caffeine
Avoid excessive drug use


Precautions before use
1. Irregular constitution.... People with allergies, rashes, and itching
2. Pregnant women, those who are suspected of being pregnant
3. A person whose heart is pounding badly

Storage Precautions
1. No sunlight
2. Store in a cool place without moisture.
3. Do not take products that have expired


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


제품에 사용된 엄선된 주요약재와 자세한 효능, 효과 그리고 복용방법및 주의사항 보시려면 여기 링크를 눌러주세요. 감사합니다.

Sublime Citrus Balm (노란연고)

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