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Calming Pills
이런분에게 좋아요
마음이 불안 ,초조한사람
공황장애.패쇄공포증이 있는 사람
잠을 잘 못자는사람
잠을 자주깨는 사람

아무생각하지 말고 힘들때까지 걸어보세요
천천히 깊이 호흡해보세요
7초 들어마시고 4초쉬었다가 7초에 다 베터내세요
내생각을 글씨로 적어보세요
즐거운 음악을 들어보세요
맛있는걸 드셔보세요

1일3회 식후 1수저 복용

커피,카페인음료 금지


Calming Pills
good for this
anxious, anxious person
depressed person
Panic Disorder. A person with claustrophobia.
person who can't sleep well
person who wakes up frequently

Don't think about it and walk until it's hard
Breathe slowly and deeply
Inhale for 7 seconds, rest for 4 seconds, and bet all at 7 seconds
Write your thoughts in writing
Listen to fun music
Eat something delicious

How to take
Take 1 spoon 3 times a day after meals

No coffee or caffeinated beverages



Precautions before use
1. Irregular constitution.... People with allergies, rashes, and itching
2. Pregnant women, those who are suspected of being pregnant
3. A person whose heart is pounding badly

Storage Precautions
1. No sunlight
2. Store in a cool place without moisture.
3. Do not take products that have expired


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Calming Pills (안정단)


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